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Sharon Pitt trading as

There's not much to tell

really... My name is Sharon,

I live on the Norfolk coast,

and I am just an average

wife and mum who

believes it's important to

have a daily dose of quirky in

your life. I'm not good at

writing stuff about myself so if it helps.... my husband describes me as 'crackers', my daughter says I'm 'ever so slightly nuts' and one of my friends says 'heartful'.


On a serious note though, I have a very strong business ethic which includes providing high quality products, sensible pricing and supportive customer service.


I don’t believe in a hard sell approach, if you're drawn to a crystal there is ALWAYS a reason why.


To find out more about my ‘work’ please take a look at my other website: www.crystalskullsmotherearth.moonfruit.com


Some of my